App overview

The best GPS app for boating, fishing and all water sports! Discover all the benefits of Aqua Map!

Anchor Alarm

Anchor Alarm function will check in real time your GPS position and your (previously set) Anchor position!

An acoustic and visual alert will start as soon as your position is out of the defined range.

WIFI Connections

Aqua Map is able to interact to your boat's environment! Connect your AIS, depth sounder, wind sensor, compass, GPS and use their data in the app. 

Turn your mobile device into a real chartplotter!

Live Sharing

Enable the exchange of your data with the Aqua Map community, see all active users and follow your friends on the water!

You can chat and send your markers, routes and tracks to anyone without leaving the app.

Marine Forecasts

New layer included in Aqua Map Master subscription!

Overlay grids on the map with  detailed wind, wave and currents forecasts and access worldwide weather prediction.


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